• Supplier Development

    When it comes to supplier development, many say they do it but, the question is how would you do it? Do you have a standardized process? Our approach was developed on the next premises...
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  • Supplier Manufacturing Transfers

    After you have followed a thorough sourcing process and finally achieved those great savings with a contract signed, is time to make the change from the incumbent to the new supplier.
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  • Contract Management

    Good contract management leverages value realization of your negotiated savings...
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  • Supplier Market Intelligence

    Finding the right supplier for a customized product is not an easy task. Following the same practices as in mother country, to search for a manufacturing supplier in low cost countries creates significant opportunity for error.
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  • Product Inspections

    Shipping product without final inspection at supplier site can be very costly; because once those parts arrive to your assembly plant the cost of non-quality will hit your budget and affect your operation.
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  • Logistics Services

    At VIS we want to offer a full range of solutions for our customers to rest confident that their parts will arrive from suppliers to full satisfaction and on time to their plant.
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